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4 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your New Orleans Home

4 reasons to sell your New Orleans home

Are you experiencing any of the 4 signs that it’s time to sell your New Orleans home?

You’re tired of maintenance

Painting, landscaping, replacing the roof…add all of these up and it’s a lot of time and money spent maintaining just the exterior of your house. Maybe it’s time for a condo. Condo fees may get a bad rap from some people, but they take care of all of those pesky outside maintenance issues. And you don’t have to cut the grass or clean the pool.

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You’ve outgrown your space

Maybe your work situation has changed and you are in need of a home office. Perhaps you’ve added to your family and an additional bedroom has changed from a nice to have to a must have. Or Grandma is ready to leave her own house behind and is moving in.

If your current home no longer fits (see what I did there?) your life, it might be time to sell and find something with a little more space.

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It’s a seller’s market in your neighborhood

Are prices in your neighborhood substantially higher than when you purchased? If so, it might make sense to sell now and take your equity to buy a new place. However, this is only a good strategy if you can make an affordable purchase in another neighborhood that you like.

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You hate your neighbors

Just kidding. Sort of. If your neighborhood no longer suits your lifestyle because of traffic, noise or new developments, it may be time to find another place that better fits how you live.


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