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5 Things to Love About Living in Gentilly

Living in Gentilly, New Orleans LA

New Orleans home in the Gentilly neighborhood

Once again, we asked residents what makes their neighborhood a great place to live. The good people of Gentilly had a lot to say about their ‘hood, sharing what they love about living in Gentilly.

I love that it’s very central for the rest of the city, you go up one road and you can be in midcity and the riverbend, you go up another road and you can be downtown, another you can be in lakeview, and another you can be in metairie, another you can be in the bywater, another you can be in the quarter. I’m like less than 5 minutes from city park and the bike path along Bayou St. John.I grew up in the burbs and what I like about it is that you get that suburban feel but you’re able to be central to everything~ Tatiana


I like the private space that a yard provides and being surrounded by people who care about the value of the house because they own it. ~ Mallory


Pros: Affordable, spacious (yards!), quiet(er). Convenient access to I-10 and 610.
Cons: Lacking in the restaurant/bar department. Basically, any time you want to go “do” something, you must leave Gentilly. But mid city isn’t THAT far away. ~ Ben


I like that it feels like an actual neighborhood with people families that own their houses and speak to you when they see you. We had several different folks stop by or flag us down to introduce themselves after we moved in. It’s also super quiet and we’ve got yards for days.I like that I didn’t displace anyone by moving there. I’m not gentrifying anything. ~ Redbeard


The sense of ownership is quite different in Gentilly. You have openness. You have grass…a lot of it. Because the floor : area ratio of the neighborhood is not so dense, the lot behind your house is actually nice, not one of those small dead-grass backyards that doesn’t grow anything because it doesn’t get sunlight. ~ Gunner



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