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    5 Things We Love About Mid City

    Morning Call in City Park, Mid City New Orleans

    The Mid City area is home to some of the best outdoor spaces in New Orleans, courtesy of City Park and Bayou St. John. Round that out with smart business, restaurant and retail growth over the last few years, and you’ve got a neighborhood that is still pretty affordable and appeals to a wide variety of residents.

    We asked Mid-City residents to tell us why they love where they live and this is what they had to say

    I love Bayou St. John because it’s close to New Orleans Museum of Art and City Park and the myriad of events held in those locations; proximity to both the bayou and the lakefront; great neighborhood food institutions including Lola’s, Liuzza’s, and Cafe Degas as well as newer restaurants like 1000 Figs and Swirl Wine Bar; quiet, lower-traffic streets with ample parking; the annual Bastille Day Festival; and Fair Grinds Coffeehouse! I don’t go to Jazz Fest or VooDoo (shame on me!) but those are huge draws to the area. Also kayaking on the bayou and golf in City Park for those into recreation opportunities! ~ Sayde


    Mid City is easily accessible to everything, laid back, and has some of the most beautiful, quiet streets in the city. ~ Lesli


    You literally don’t have to leave Mid-City for anything: grocery stores, pet supplies, gardening supplies, dry cleaners, pharmacies, etc. … and a whole lotta cuisine at every price point. You can’t say that about the Bywater — god bless this place! ~ Lauren


    It’s in the middle of everything, for me. Works, friends, and family. And it also feels like there is more space. Not so crammed in. ~ Paul


    Less crowded bars. Roomier streets, easier parking, centrally located, city park, bayou st. john, the fairgrounds, ZERO street construction (thus making it NOT the disaster zone that is Uptown right now), super friendly people. Lafite greenway, NOMA, golf course, very close to the Lake, bike lanes everywhere… ~ Tracey


    Did we miss your favorite thing about Mid-City? Tell us about it!


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