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    Adding Trees to Your Property Adds Value to Your Home

    Oak trees in New Orleans

    Who doesn’t love a good tree? They provide shade in the summer. Some give a brilliant show of flowers in the spring. Others are evergreen when the rest of the landscape is suffering from the winter blahs.

    Builders often overlook the value of trees as a part of landscaping, but home owners can easily plant their own trees, adding to the curb appeal of a home.

    Did you know that adding trees to your property can also add value to your home?

    According to the USDA Forest Services, properly placed trees can reduce your heating and cooling needs from 20% to 50% and can add up to 10% to your home’s value.

    The value of trees, of course, depend on size, type, location and health of the tree. You can have the most gorgeous live oak, begging to be climbed, but if the root system is wrapped up in your plumbing and dead branches are threatening to fall on the roof, it will detract from rather than add value.

    Pro tip: Choosing native trees means that your trees will live longer and need less maintenance than trying to bring a tree from up north down here to a completely different climate. New Orleans Parks and Parkways has a great list of tips for choosing and placing trees.

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