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Buyers Should Inspect Homes Again Post-Hurricane

Now that everyone is in the clean-up phase after Hurricane Ida, buyers who were already under contract on a New Orleans home before the storm hit should be doing another property inspection.

In the city, the most typical damages were to roofs and fences. That doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing you should be reinspecting though.

New Orleans property inspections part deux

The first step is to have your agent contact the listing agent to determine if there were damages that the seller is making an insurance claim for and/or if they have a timeline for when repairs will be completed.

Contractors and roofers are in high demand right now, so repairs will likely cause your closing to be delayed.

The second step is to decide if you’re going to hang in there and wait for repairs to be completed or if you want to move on to another property. If you want to move on, talk to your agent about the terms of your contract so you don’t end up in breach and lose your deposit.

Will it cost you money? Yes, but that’s better than not knowing what damage may have been caused. Remember, the Louisiana Purchase Agreement says that the property must be delivered to you in the same or better condition as when you made your offer.

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