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Channeling Your Inner New Orleans Property Brothers

New Orleans Property Brothers

Have you been watching the New Orleans Property Brothers episodes? They took a double from the St. Bernard Project and challenged each other to completely renovate and design the spaces. The winner is the brother with the highest appraised value at the end of the competition.

From replacing subfloors to rewiring every electrical component to putting the finishing touches on the units, they have a huge job. Add the fact that the property is located in a neighborhood controlled by the HDLC and it’s a massive undertaking, even by New Orleans standards.

While watching, we noticed that in the interests of television, they converted the space from a side by side double to one unit in the front and the other in the back. This will force the person occupying the rear unit to walk down the alley to access their front door. If you are considering making this type of change to double, we’d advise you to think twice about it. No one we’ve chatted with thought that the rear unit would be nearly as attractive to a tenant or a future buyer!

All of that said, would you tackle a project like this?

Could you be the next Property Brother?


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