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    Daily Tidy Up Tips for New Orleans Home Sellers

    New Orleans home selling tips

    Daily tidy up tips when your home is on the market

    Selling your home can be a real pain, especially when you get last minute showing requests and you don’t feel like you are “show ready”. Here are our tips for keeping the house in tip top shape so you don’t freak out when your agent calls and asks to come by in an hour.

    • Make the beds
    • Get clothes off of floors and into a hamper or back on hangers
    • Hang towels and on towel bars to dry; put in hamper when dry.
    • Give tubs, showers, sinks and ovens a light scrubbing after use.
    • Wash dishes or put them in the dishwasher as soon as a meal is finished – empty it as soon as dishes are clean; letting clean dishes sit in the dishwasher encourages dirty ones to pile up in the sink
    • Sort and file or dispose of mail as soon as you get it
    • Find a home for everything. Newspapers go in the recycling bin, coats and shoes go in the closet, dirty clothes go in the hamper – no exceptions
    • Put away personal items, such as eyeglasses and magazines on a nightstand and lotions, toothbrushes and other products on a bathroom vanity.





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