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Do Green Features Make A Home Worth More?

Does going green mean your house is worth more?

Going green is a trend that crosses into many industries. We buy things made from recycled other things, we search for the most energy efficient appliances, and contractors are choosing low flow water features and using sustainable materials in landscaping and hardscaping (think driveways and sidewalks).

But, will adding green features to your existing home add value as well?

We’ve found that while green houses make for great marketing and buyers say they want them, most don’t want them badly enough to pay a higher price. That’s backed up by more than just our experience. In a recent article from the National Association of REALTORS®, it was noted:

“many buyers shy away from these houses if they’re priced much higher than comparable non-green homes”

Does this mean you shouldn’t add green features to your property?

Not at all. If it is important to you, by all means, make the changes you’d like in your home. Just don’t expect that buyers will be beating down your reclaimed hardwood door to pay a higher price when you sell.


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