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    Does My Agent Have to Tell Me If Someone Died in a House?

    New Orleans Property Disclosures

    New Orleans Property Disclosures

    Did you know that, in Louisiana, death is not a material defect? Well, as long as you’re not the person who has died, of course. I know that may be different than where you’re from, if you are new to New Orleans.

    Believe me, it won’t be the first thing you’ll notice that’s a bit quirky about our city.

    When it comes to buying a New Orleans home, sellers are not required to disclose any deaths that may have occurred on the property or in the house. If knowing this is really, really important to you, I recommend using your Google skills and doing a bit of research on any property that you’re interested in. Finding something you aren’t comfortable with after your inspection period has passed will leave you in the position of either buying a house that gives you the heebie-jeebies or being in breach of contract. Neither is a good place to be.

    Insider note: Sellers also don’t have to disclose any criminal activity on a property, unless it was a meth lab. In that case, let’s just move right along, because there’s no way it’s ever passing a home inspection.




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