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    Finding Your New Orleans Home is the Easy Part

    finding your next new orleans home

    Finding your New Orleans home is the easy part

    When you start your New Orleans home search, you’ll probably be all over the place. Zillow. Various national brokerage websites. Some local real estate sites. The hunt has begun and you’re in the zone, checking out new listings, old listings, price reductions, open houses, and putting the word on the street that you are ready to find your next place.

    With so many different places to find New Orleans homes for sale, you could spend hours, days, and weeks just sifting through every possible type of home and neighborhood. Maybe you’ve hooked up with a fabulous REALTOR who is showing you around and your lunch hours are spent touring potential places.

    But, that’s the easy part.

    What happens after you find the right house is when the hard work begins

    Just getting your offer written and accepted could be a post of it’s own, but there are so many moving parts to a real estate transaction. Several people have to do their job correctly, because even one of them dropping the ball can delay everyone else – and your closing.

    After you find that perfect place, there’s a litany of things that still have to happen.

    • Negotiate the offer price, terms, and closing date
    • Submit your deposit
    • Schedule and attend home inspections
    • Negotiate any needed repairs
    • Choose a title company and get your file opened
    • Provide all contract terms and deadlines to the mortgage lender
    • Possibly have a little buyer’s remorse and get talked off the ledge (this is a big deal, right?)
    • Schedule and attend appraisal
    • Wait not so patiently for final loan approval
    • Coordinate act of sale with lender, title company, agents and sellers
    • Schedule packing and movers
    • Transfer of utilities

    You get the idea. If the hard work doesn’t happen, you’ll find yourself right back online, cruising through listing sites for the *next* house. We have a plan to help you through the tough part with ease. Call us today.


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