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French Quarter Real Estate

The oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, the French Quarter or Vieux Carre, hugs the banks of the Mississippi River as it winds through the Crescent City. Chosen for its strategic position on the river, the Quarter has remained, despite what you see in the movies and on TV, a mostly residential community.

Condos and single family homes hide private gardens and courtyards from prying eyes. Simple fronts along the street are just a facade for most of these homes. Some of the most beautiful and luxurious living can be found on streets marked with placards indicating their original French and Spanish names.

Parking is at a premium in the Quarter, so be prepared for price spikes on properties that offer a place for a vehicle, but this is a walkable neighborhood. Restaurants, bars, shops, art and antique galleries, historic hotels, the oldest farmer’s market in NOLA just down the street from the oldest apartment building in the entire United States…add the annual art, food and film festivals into the mix and you’ve got one of the most energetic and vibrant places to call home.

From simple cottages to opulent multi-story residences, it’s not cheap to live in close proximity to Jackson Square and the French Market. This is a world renowned neighborhood and the prices reflect that reality, coming in at the most expensive per square foot real estate in the city.

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History of the French Quarter