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Lakefront Real Estate


Hugging the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans Lakefront neighborhoods are filled with custom-built homes ranging from the mid $300s to over $1 million, including some excellent examples of mid-century modern homes.

Stretching from Lakeshore Drive back to Robert E. Lee Blvd., Lakefront neighborhoods include Lake Terrace, Lake Vista, and Lakeshore East and West. Green space abounds, with mature trees, parks, a central neighborhood fountain, and, of course, the lake itself.

Adjacent to Lakeview, Lakeshore streets are not laid out in a traditional fashion, instead, they are winding through the neighborhoods with a focus on green spaces. In Lake Vista, all of the streets end in cul-de-sacs. Originally, many of the homes were built with the fronts facing into the green spaces rather than towards the street, but newer construction in the area has taken the more traditional approach.

Lakefront fountain, New Orleans LA


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