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Marigny / Bywater Real Estate

A “faubourg” is nothing more than a fancy word for a neighborhood and you’ll find plenty to love in both the Marigny and the Bywater in New Orleans.

The Marigny is directly adjacent to the downriver side of the French Quarter (Esplanade Avenue) and has become one of the most up and coming neighborhoods around. It’s funky, it’s artsy, it’s bohemian and it’s the home of Frenchmen Street, often considered the Bourbon Street for locals. There’s a great art market, some fantastic live music clubs and small, intimate restaurants with fabulous local offerings. No chains or fast food here, this is the real deal.

If you are considering living in the Marigny, be aware that there are live music clubs in several areas. Check out the noise level day and night to be sure that you won’t find yourself in the ranks of some disgruntled home owners who didn’t think about music volume before purchasing their place.

Continue downriver, cross over the railroad tracks at Press Street and you’ll find yourself in the Bywater. Even funkier and more eclectic than the Marigny, it’s home to the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, where some of the city’s best musicians trained as teens.

Both the Marigny and Bywater are typical old school NOLA neighborhoods. Narrow streets. Little off street parking. A diverse selection of architectural styles. And a mix of fabulous renovations and blight that hasn’t been cleaned up yet. It’s the prices that have made these homes so attractive, especially to energetic home buyers that don’t mind putting in the elbow grease needed to bring some of the properties back to their original glory.

Bywater Neighborhood Association

Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association