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    Home Ownership 101: 10 Quick Projects to Improve Your New Orleans Home

    Fix that squeaky door. WD-40 or petroleum jelly on the hinges will have them swinging freely (and quietly!) in just a few minutes.

    WD-40 for household fixes

    Peeling wallpaper? With just a smear of wallpaper paste and a couple of minutes smoothing out the bubbles, you’ll never be able to tell where you made a fix.

    Clean your ceiling fans and light fixtures. Be sure the bulbs are cool first and then use a lint free cloth to wipe down the fixtures and bulbs. It’s amazing how much brighter a room can be with clean lighting.

    Add felt pads to your furniture legs to avoid scratching wood floors.

    Make your sliding door slide easily again. Clean out the track and then spray with WD-40.

    Clean the front door. If you don’t want to drag out a bucket and scrub brush, a damp Magic Eraser can do wonders in just minutes.

    Prop up that sagging fence gate. Anti-sag gate kits are available at home improvement stores for $15-30 and it’s an easy DIY project.

    Sticky door locks? Use graphic powder instead of oil to keep gunk from building up again.

    Do you always forget to turn off the light in your closet? Add a motion detecting light socket. They screw into the existing light fixture and will automatically turn the light on and off for you.

    Get rid of water spots and fingerprints on your stainless steel. There’s no need to buy special products, just use a little WD-40, being sure to wipe off the excess with a soft rag.


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