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How to Get Ready for Your Home Inspection

New Orleans Home Inspections

New Orleans Home Inspections

The prospect of a home inspection makes some New Orleans home sellers nervous and brings up a number of questions.

  • What exactly will be inspected?
  • Who does the inspection?
  • How long does it take?
  • How can I prepare for the inspection?

We see a lot of home inspection reports and, across the board, there are things that buyers ask for as result of almost every single one.

Top 5 Fixes Before Your Home Inspection

Clean and repair gutters, soffits and fascia

There’s nothing that makes a buyer nervous like hearing about the possibility of water intrusions or roof damage because of poorly maintained gutters, soffits and fascia (that’s the stuff under and in front of your eaves).

Upgrade fuses to circuit breakers

You might not have a choice here, since most insurance companies will no longer insure homes with fuse boxes. You can expect an upgrade to a circuit panel to cost about $1000-$1500, but it’s money well spent if it means not losing a buyer who can’t get insurance and move forward with a purchase.

Be sure all drains are clear

I can’t tell you how many times we read disclosures that indicate there are no plumbing problems, yet when the inspector starts testing all of the tubs and sinks, we find out that they are sluggish or clogged. If you know you have a slow drain, have it cleaned prior to inspections.

Have your HVAC cleaned and serviced

This is the #1 requested repair/fix by home buyers because most homeowners don’t bother with cleaning and servicing their air conditioning and heating systems until they don’t work.

Do a quick electrical checkup

Are all of the connections in your attic in junction boxes? Do you have GFCI outlets installed near all water sources and outdoors? Right behind the HVAC requests, these are these simple fixes to common buyer requests.





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