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    Inspections Aren’t For Beating Up a House

    When you’ve found the right place that you’d like to call home and negotiated acceptable terms with the seller, it’s time for inspections.

    During your inspection period, you have the right to do any and all inspections you want on a property. A general home inspection, a video of the plumbing, and any specialized inspections such as HVAC, roofing or pool may all be a part of your due diligence.

    Inspections allow you to decide if you’d like to move forward with the purchase of a home.

    They aren’t for beating up a seller or a house over little things, especially if they were disclosed by the owner.

    When you find a home you like, it’s important to review the Property Disclosures that have been completed by the home owner. Sellers are required by Louisiana law to disclose any known issues with a house.

    If the seller has disclosed that there are defects in portions of a home, your offer should reflect that knowledge. Don’t assume that you’ll be able to get them to repair items on the disclosure, because it’s just not a possibility for some owners.

    The purchase agreement clearly states that you are making an offer based on the apparent current condition of the property and the seller is not obligated to make repairs.

    Louisiana Purchase Agreement - Inspection Period


    Does this mean you can’t negotiate repairs or a reduced price if you find things that weren’t disclosed?

    Absolutely not.

    But it does mean that you shouldn’t beat up the sellers over things you knew before making an offer.


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