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Is Your REALTOR Making Your Home Hard to Show?

Is your REALTOR making your home hard to show

If you’ve been on the market for a minute and haven’t had the number of showings you thought you would, it could be because your REALTOR is making your home hard to show.

Recently, we worked with an agent from another company that doesn’t put a lockbox on her listings.


Even when the house is vacant.

What that means is that buyers and other agents are at the mercy of her schedule in their attempts to see the property. That may work well for her, but it’s a nightmare for buyers, their agents and, potentially, the homeowner. That played out one weekend when she refused to show up and unlock the house for a home inspection.

Given that inspections must be completed within a set time frame according to the contract, this was no bueno.

How frustrated do you think you’d be if you found out that your agent was making your home hard to show and possibly costing you qualified buyers?

Before you list your home, ask your agent how showings will be handled. If they proudly say “I’ll be here for every showing”, then you might want to have a conversation about how many other listings they are doing the same thing for. How many buyers they are working with that fill up their schedule on a daily basis and leave little time for anything else?

TIP: Some agents like to accompany all showings for one of 2 reasons.

  1. They think they can “sell” the house to a buyer. News flash, but buyers will buy the house they love, not the one that some listing agent follows them through, touting features they may not even care about.
  2. They want to restrict showings by other agents so they can bring their own buyer and make more money.

Neither one of these is a valid reason to hold your house hostage to their calendar.


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