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Just Say Yes To Showings :: A Guide to Home Selling in New Orleans

Advice for home selling in New Orleans

Lately, we’ve been perplexed by the number of home sellers (or maybe it’s their agents) declining requests to show their house. It’s the exact opposite of what needs to happen in order to sell a house, so here are a few reminders about what to expect when your place is on the market.

Say yes to showings

We know. When you’re in the middle of weeding the garden, or cleaning the bathroom, or doing that pile of laundry, it’s a pain to get a call from your agent asking you to skedaddle out of the house for a buyer to visit. That’s why we have a list of daily tidy up tips that help to keep you as prepared as possible for those last minute requests.

Have a showing plan

When you sit down with your agent to sign all of the listing documents, it’s time to create a showing plan. Getting this out of the way before the first showing will save you a lot of stress and give you the freedom to say yes.

Do you need 24 hours notice for all showings? That’s critical information your agent needs to know. We can include this information on the MLS to inform buyer agents of this requirement, cutting down or eliminating those “we’re in front of the house, can we see it now?” requests.

Do you have pets? If so, you need a plan for how they will be either removed or kenneled for all showings. And don’t give us that Bosco has never bitten anyone line. Bosco has likely never had strangers intrude on his territory without you at his side.

Do you have an alarm system? There’s nothing quite like standing in a house while the alarm wails to turn off agents and buyers. Give detailed instructions to your listing agent, please!

Are the gates and the shed locked? Buyers want to explore every nook and cranny of any home they are considering purchasing. Make it easy on the showing agents and include all of the keys needed in the lockbox or clearly labeled and left out in an obvious place.


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