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    Landlord Advice | What to add to your New Orleans lease

    Advice for New Orleans landlordsAdvice for New Orleans Landlords

    We spend a lot of time giving advice to tenants, but there are definitely a few landlords that may have overlooked some items that we recommend be added to a New Orleans lease.

    Sure, you’ve got all of the standard stuff in there. When the rent is due. What happens if it’s not paid. How the security deposit is returned.

    But what about some of the uniquely New Orleans issues that may arise? If you haven’t addressed them in writing, it’s a recipe for miscommunication between you and your next tenant.

    Here are 4 additions we suggest for your next lease

    No short term rentals/subleasing

    It’s usually a standard clause that no subleasing is allowed. But you wouldn’t be the first landlord to find out that your tenant moved in with a friend and is using your property as an AirBnB unit. Be specific and add a clearly worded “absolutely no short term AirBnB type rental allowed” clause. Unless you’re OK with a half dozen frat boys spending Jazz Fest there, of course.

    In the event of a hurricane

    If this is their first place in New Orleans, it’s doubtful that your tenant really knows the drill on evacuations. Spell out things like emptying the fridge/freezer, propping the door open and shutting off the breakers before they join the contraflow.

    If tenants are responsible for the lawn, have you addressed the storm drains too?

    Street drainage may not be something they’ve ever thought about. Storm drains need to be kept clear of debris that impedes water flow. And those people that blow the grass clippings into the drains? You can’t tase them, but you sure can make it very clear in the lease that doing so is a big old no-no.

    The 3 Ps of New Orleans Winters

    You may not give a hoot about the plants or pets, but we’re pretty sure when there’s a freeze warning that you do care about the pipes. Give clear instructions on leaving a pencil thin stream of water running in the event of a freeze. Even if the tenants moved here from Buffalo, tell you it’s not necessary and then apologize profusely when the pipes freeze (true story!).

    We can take the guesswork out of renting your New Orleans properties. Call us today at 504-327-5303 and let us handle your needs. 

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