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    Leave the Home Inspector Alone

    Home inspection

    There seems to be a recent trend in New Orleans real estate. Home owners and listings agents hanging around for inspections.


    The home inspection is the time for the buyer, who happens to be paying for the privilege, to bring in professionals to take a close look at the property they have agreed to purchase.

    It’s not time for the listing agent to hang out making small talk.

    It’s not time for the home owner to follow the inspector around, trying to deflect any findings.

    Why sellers and their agents should leave during inspections

    Eager home owners can sometimes inadvertently give away confidential information. If you tell the home inspector that you’re willing to fix, repair or replace something during the inspection, you can bet that they are going to share that information with the buyer. You know. The person that hired them and is paying their fee.

    Following the inspector throughout the house is a great way to annoy them. How they communicate the severity of defects often determines what repairs a buyer may ask for, so owners could be shooting themselves in the foot by being a pest during their 2-3 hours at the property.

    Go to lunch. Run errands. Sit in the park with a book.

    Just leave the home inspector alone.





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