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    Mum’s the Word – What NOT to Say When Buying a New Orleans Home

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    It’s bound to happen at some point during your New Orleans home buying search. The listing agent or the homeowner will be around during the time you are viewing a property. And, if you’re not careful, you could shoot yourself in the foot by not keeping some things to yourself (and your agent).

    While you’re in the house with the other agent or owner is not the time to say…

    “This fits our budget”

    We’ve talked before about not tipping your hand when viewing a home. Well, coming right out and discussing your finances in front of anyone besides your agent or your lender can do just that. You think you’ve said something benign. What the seller or agent hears is that you’re willing to pay full price.

    “It’s my dream home”

    Once again, the seller and their agent will assume they can play hard ball during negotiations because you’ve already let on how much you love the property. Let your offer speak for itself. Don’t give them the ammunition to play the counter offer game.

    “It’s perfect”

    Lots of houses seem perfect on the surface. Then comes the big, bad home inspector who has to break the news that not all is as it seems. All the seller will remember is that you said the house is perfect, making them less willing to make repairs.

    “That wallpaper is atrocious”

    Manners matter. Insulting the seller’s taste within their earshot could mean that they pass on your offer in favor of another. Whatever your thoughts of the metallic, flocked, fleur de lis wallpaper in the foyer….keep them to yourself until you are off the the property.

    “We would need to rip out the entire kitchen”

    This one can be really touchy. Even if a homeowner knows that their house is dated or needs work, they may not want to hear that you plan to gut the place and completely change everything they may have spent years putting into place. Discretion is needed. Make notes on what work you think is needed and then have that conversation with your agent after the showing, not while standing in the middle of the house.


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