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    New Orleans Gardening :: Spring Growing Tips

    new orleans gardening

    New Orleans Gardening

    While our friends in the north are still dealing with snow and ice, New Orleans gardening is in full spring bloom.

    It’s time to clear out any of the tattered winter leftovers and begin anew in your garden landscape. Pansies, petunias, and violas are about at the end of their life, so we’ve been working in our own gardens, getting ready to put in some native plants and summer color.

    We completely missed the boat on trimming the peach tree back in February (adding that to next year’s calendar now), but there are some March and April tips that can make your gardening life a little easier.

    Plant vegetables

    Whether you garden in containers or in the ground, it’s time to get those warm season veggies put in. Tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, corn, snap beans, mirlitons, summer squash, eggplants, lima beans, and okra can all be put in now. In the event of a late freeze, which is highly unlikely given our recent temperatures, be prepared to protect your baby plants with coverings.


    It’s time to feed your roses, shrubs, and lawns. Weed and feed should be applied by mid-April for best results.

    Plant flowers

    Marigolds, zinnias, and blue daze can all be planted now. Salvia and pentas are also excellent bedding plants with the bonus of attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Remember to be selective about spraying any pesticides near flowers or feeders to protect them both.


    As they finish flowering, now is the time to prune or cut back azaleas, camellias, and jasmine.

    Don’t forget to water

    While spring in New Orleans is glorious, it can be hit or miss with rain. If you don’t see regular rainfall, be sure to water your new planting, so they can develop a strong root system.

    More New Orleans gardening tips


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