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New Orleans Home Security Scams

new orleans home security scams

New Orleans Home Security Scams Target New Owners

As if the constant barrage of robo calls isn’t bad enough, lately we’ve had to also deal with calls from various home security providers trying to get us to connect them with our recent buyers. Not only are these home security scams directed at REALTORS, but they are also making targets of new home buyers.

What to watch out for

Shortly after your act of sale, you may begin to get high pressure sales calls from various companies. They operate under different names, but all of them claim to be working on behalf of ADT Security. Let me tell you, they can be relentless in their sales pitch. When they are calling agents, they are even offering to pay us for referring clients (hint: we’d never do this!)

Not content with just phone calls, some of these salespeople will actually show up at your front door. One of the popular lies they tell is that the installation fee has already been paid by your agent, lulling you into thinking that we are endorsing these companies. Nothing could be further from the truth!

We’ve heard complaints from homeowners about bait and switch tactics, with sales people suddenly unavailable when there’s a problem or a dispute about the cost of a security system.

What’s the bottom line?

If you want or need a home security system, do your research. Ask your friends for referrals. Ask your agent if they have a reliable company to recommend. But don’t listen to the hard sell from someone you didn’t invite to call or visit you.



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