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    New Orleans Home Selling :: Can You Ignore Offers?

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    “I tell my sellers to just ignore any low ball offers that we receive”

    Hanging out in real estate groups can certainly be an eye opening experience. This past week an agent in another state said that they don’t even bother to respond to offers that their seller clients will not accept.

    Now, I’m not up to date with the real estate rules and regulations in every state in the union. But, I know the Louisiana laws.

    We can’t ignore offers

    Not even the really, really low and insulting ones. As professional REALTORS, we have to document everything. When we received an offer. When we presented the offer. And, yes, the decision of our client to either accept, reject, or counter that offer. Ignoring is not on the checklist of acceptable responses, at least not in Louisiana.

    Don’t shut the door on negotiations

    While a low ball offer might get under your skin, it’s at least the start of a conversation. Don’t shut the door on negotiations – keep them going by countering with acceptable price and terms for you. If the buyer chooses to walk away, you will have taken your best shot at making a deal work and we will have stayed legal in our business practices.





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