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    New Orleans Home Styles – What Sold in 2015?

    New Orleans Home Styles

    New Orleans is renowned for our architectural style of homes and rightfully so. Creole and Acadian cottages, shotguns, fancy Victorians…we offer choices that are rarely found in other cities.

    So, what home styles did most buyers purchase last year?

    The top 4 styles in 2015, according the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) were:

    1. Traditional
    2. Cottage
    3. Condo
    4. Ranch

    BUT, here’s the disclaimer. We were surprised to see Traditional as the #1 style, so we started doing a little digging. It turns out that there are a lot of local agents who don’t know their New Orleans architecture and just throw “traditional” out there when a house is anything other than a shotgun or a contemporary.

    Pro Home Seller Tip: Check your agent’s work. Review your home listing and be sure that all of the information is accurate – it’s what buyers are relying on!


    Traditional home sales in New Orleans


    Cottage home sales in New Orleans


    Condo sales in New Orleans


    Ranch home sales in New Orleans


    What New Orleans home styles sold the fastest?

    Based on 2015 sales, the fastest selling home style was a tie. Both Victorians and Raised Basement homes sold in an average of 44 days on market.

    New Orleans home sales


    Most popular home styles by New Orleans neighborhood

    New Orleans home sales

    We knew for sure that things were skewed when we saw Traditional as the most popular Uptown architecture, so let’s take that info with a grain of salt and assume that Cottages are truly the most popular type of homes sold last year across the city.

    For single family homes, ranches came in second. This makes sense, because they are also the most affordable style of home. Most ranchers are not in the center of the city, but instead are found in Algiers, Lakeview and Gentilly.




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