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    New Orleans House Hunting in the Rain is a Good Idea

    Home shopping in the rain

    House Hunting in the Rain

    I’m amazed at the number of home buyers who want to cancel showings when it’s raining. It’s a hassle getting in and out of the car without getting soaked and then removing those wet or muddy shoes before stepping into someone’s home.

    But what if I told you that there are a number of good reasons to visit properties while it’s raining?

    You can discover roof leaks

    There’s no easier way to find an undisclosed roofing issue than during the rain. As an added precaution, climb into the attic and look for wet spots.

    Identify if exterior doors or windows are sealed properly

    Is there water being blown underneath the doors? Are the windowsills wet or dry?

    Are the gutters doing their job?

    Clogged and overflowing gutters can lead to hidden damage. Are the gutters leaking? Do the downspouts direct water away from the house properly?

    Property Drainage

    Is the yard holding water or is it graded properly? Does the deck or patio drain towards or away from the house? Check the garage for seepage under doors and walls as well. You don’t want to wait until you move in to find that there’s always a big puddle right outside of the back door every time there’s the slightest bit of precipitation.

    Street drainage

    There are some New Orleans streets that will flood with even the smallest amount of rain. Visiting during a shower can give you a heads up on a problem that’s not a required disclosure by the seller. Buyer beware certainly applies to street drainage.

    PRO TIP: Don’t judge a street during a huge rain event that causes widespread flooding. You’re looking for consistent drainage issues that cause residents to worry about getting water in their vehicles or homes. 




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