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    New Orleans Neighborhood Home Prices: The Real Story

    Recently, there was an article in the paper about home prices in New Orleans. Using Trulia as a source, it charted out the listing prices of homes across the metro area.

    Uptown NOLA home

    The problem is that Trulia doesn’t really know where our neighborhoods are. They lumped some fairly sizable areas into one category and even created their own neighborhoods like “U.S. Naval Base”. Has anyone been there? Or have a clue where it’s located?

    While national real estate websites might be fun to peruse, they don’t know our city like a local.

    They don’t realize how quirky pricing can be on one side of a major street vs. the other side.

    They have no idea that values can change dramatically within just a few blocks.

    They don’t know what neighborhood is experiencing a surge in values because of the revitalization happening within the boundaries.

    Our New Orleans neighborhoods are so varied that to reduce them to a chart doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes, they are just a few square blocks (think Black Pearl over in Carrollton). Sometimes, they are large (Lakeview).

    But they are all unique, just like the people who live there.

    You can’t chart that.


    If you want to know what prices are in your neighborhood, or you’re looking for a new place to call home, just ask us. We’ll be happy to share our NOLA with you. 


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