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New Orleans Rental Move In Checklist

Before you move into that New Orleans rental, it’s important to do a walk-through of the property and document the condition. That’s why we’ve put together this rental move in checklist for you.

What goes on your rental move in checklist?

HVAC system

Test the air conditioner and/or heater before moving in. There’s no worse time than a July move to find out that the HVAC system isn’t working properly. You would need an ac repair service like Control Techs NW to get it working properly.

Smoke detectors

Check for smoke detectors. Since 2011 Louisiana has required that all single family homes or doubles must have a minimum of an operable 10-year, sealed lithium battery smoke detector.


Test all of the appliances that are included as part of your rental agreement. Does the refrigerator get cool enough? If there are a washer and dryer, are they functioning properly? Do all of the stove burners light?


Turn on all of the faucets to check for leaks under sinks and flush all of the toilets to check for any stoppages. Running toilets can make for some very high water bills, so it’s better to find out ahead of time and have the landlord hire a plumbing company to repair than to deal with the Sewerage & Water Board.

Air filters

You’ll need to know the location of all of the air filters and their size, since you’ll likely be responsible for changing them monthly. Make sure you’re starting out with a fresh, clean filter.

Document existing damage on your rental move in checklist

Make a list and take photos of everything that is not perfect in your new place. It’s a really good idea to print out your rental move in checklist and have the landlord sign acknowledging the condition of the property. You don’t want them to come back later and attempt to hold any portion of your deposit for damages.

Normal wear and tear is to be expected from an occupied property. Damage such as stains on carpets or counters, holes in doors or walls, damaged window coverings, broken windows, or chips in the enamel of sinks, toilets, and bathtubs should all be noted by you prior to moving in.

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