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New Orleans Termite Season

termite damage in new orleans
Termite damaged studs

New Orleans Termite Season

Summer, fall, winter, spring. Football, crawfish, parade. All seasons in New Orleans. But let’s not forget about termite season.

Starting in late April, peaking in May and continuing into June, it’s that time of year when the Formosan termites begin to swarm, in search of a mate to make new colonies and more little wood crunching critters.

If you’re new to the city, you’ve probably never experienced flying termites gathering near every light fixture at night. Street lamps and porch lights are particularly attractive to them – they are the hottest insect location for speed dating. It’s always fun when you have to run the gauntlet and pick little wings out of your hair before walking into the house, so you’ll quickly learn why the neighbors have all turned off their porch lights during the heaviest swarming days.

How will you know when to do that? Believe us, you’ll know.

Seeing a swarm does not necessarily mean that your house is infested, just that there is a colony nearby. Unless you see them swarming from inside your home, in which case you need to call the termite guy ASAP. Side note, calling and hysterically crying about a swarm in the laundry room will make your guy laugh at you. Just saying.

Swarms are an annual reminder that going without termite treatment can be risky. An important note is that the termites aren’t a party to the contract between you and the pest control company. Even the most diligent of inspections and treatments can leave an opening for them to find a way into your home, so homeowners need to be on the lookout for any indicators year round.

Our recommendations for termite season

  • Keep a termite contract on your home and have it re-inspected annually
  • Have the inspector check any trees on your property as well, since swarms will use them as hotels
  • Turn off all outdoor lights during peak swarming season hours – usually dusk until around 10pm






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