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    NOLA Home Selling Mistakes | DIY Gone Wrong

    Do it yourself plumbing

    We all know that guy. The one that won’t pay a professional to do anything that he thinks he can do himself.

    He has painted his entire house, rewired the kitchen and changed the plumbing under the bathroom sink. He’s on a first name basis with the folks at Home Depot and the local hardware store.

    His wife thinks he’s amazing…until it’s time to sell the house.

    I can’t tell you how many do-it-yourselfers end up shooting themselves in the foot by doing just enough to get by on their home improvements and repairs.

    Then they act all surprised when the home inspector shows up and puts together a long, long, looooooong list of things that aren’t up to code or were not done properly.

    If you want to kill a home sale or end up with a much lower sales price, poorly done renovations and repairs are a sure fire way to accomplish those goals.

    Our rule of thumb? If it requires a license, let a professional do it.






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