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Perfect Doesn’t Mean Interesting

Buying a New Orleans Home

There’s something to be said for buying new construction in New Orleans. Everything is fresh and new. If you participate in the final design choices, it might even be customized to suit your individual taste.

If it’s left to the builder, it’s likely to be beige and cream or gray and white, with not a hint of personality. It may be perfect, but it may not be interesting.

Why not consider an imperfect home?New Orleans Real Estate

There are a large number of homes that have what people call “good bones” but need some tweaking.

Maybe there’s carpet covering the hardwood floor, flocked wallpaper in the foyer and sea foam green tile in the bathrooms.

PRO TIP: These type of cosmetic changes are relatively easy and affordable to make and often mean a lower purchase price for you

Look a little closer and you’ll find good things about an imperfect home

A location that suits you – always a critical factor when choosing a home.

Original finishes that may be totally retro (and totally what some buyers are looking for).

Floor plans that, while not the most up-to-date, might be the most interesting thing that sets a home apart from the rest.

Solid construction techniques.

The opportunity to put your own personal, imperfect stamp on a house without feeling like you’re “ruining” it – instead, you’re making it perfectly perfect. For you.





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