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    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…Are Noisy

    New Orleans Lakefront Airport

    New Orleans home buying advice

    When it comes to giving New Orleans home buying advice, we’re pretty good at getting down to the tiniest detail in helping you choose the right neighborhood. Sometimes, those details include letting you know if noise is going to be an issue in a particular house. Whether it’s noise from planes, trains, automobiles, or the occasional jam session, we’ve got you covered.


    New Orleans International Airport isn’t actually in New Orleans, but is located in the suburb of Kenner. The Lakefront airport, however, sits right on the edge of Lake Pontchartrain. Fortunately, it’s a smaller regional airport, so no big old jet airliners will be cruising over your house if you live anywhere nearby. But if you don’t want any nearby air traffic at all, tell us so we can avoid the area.


    There are 27 miles of train track along the Mississippi River in New Orleans, running from the Jefferson Parish line on the north end to St. Bernard Parish on the southern end. Living along the sliver by the river means living near train tracks and hearing the occasional train whistle.

    Amtrak also has a passenger train system that runs from downtown New Orleans through Gert Town and Hollygrove and into Jefferson Parish, which actually presents more of an opportunity to have your commute interrupted.


    Are you considering a home near the interstate or a very busy road? When touring homes, take the time to stop,(collaborate) and listen. Can you hear the traffic? Does it bother you? If so, let’s ramble on and find another place.

    Live music

    One of the things that attracts new residents to our city is the amazing selection of live music that can be found 7 days a week. What tourists don’t realize is that bands play off of Bourbon and Frenchmen Streets. Neighborhood bars and venues offer live music and we don’t want you to be that person. You know, the one that buys a house two doors down from a music venue and then proceeds to try to have them shut down because of the noise. For the love of every musician in this city, don’t be that guy.

    Port and river noise

    Mississippi River port

    It’s a fact of life that we are a port city. This means ships that make noise, and port work with the clanging of loading and unloading cargo, and even the sounds of the calliope from the riverboats (which we happen to adore). Again, take a minute when touring homes close to the river and make sure that the sounds are something you can literally live with.

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