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    Pre Inspections Head off Problems | New Orleans Home Selling Advice

    Over the years, I’ve seen too many inspections tank a home sale. Things that home owners have been putting off for years can come back to bite them when a new buyer is weighing price versus the cost of making repairs or improvements.

    So, one of the best uses of a few hundred bucks can be having a pre-inspection of your New Orleans home before it goes on the market.

    New Orleans home inspections

    What does the home inspector do?

    They will perform a top to bottom inspection of your home, including electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC and appliances. They will also note for you any items that are not up to code and any defects that would be reported to a potential buyer during their own inspection.

    How does this avoid problems when selling?

    One of the biggest hurdles for home buyers to get past is that no home is perfect. Performing a pre-inspection gives you options to help making selling a little easier:

    1. Gives you the opportunity to make any repairs recommended, alleviating those requests during the sale

    2. Keeps the seller disclosure clean, with fewer red flags for buyers

    3. In lieu of making repairs, you may want to price your home more aggressively to attract buyers that are looking for a great deal in your neighborhood


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