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Preparing for Your Listing Photos | New Orleans Home Selling Advice

Photos Are Your First Showing

You probably already know this, but the photos of your home are your first “showing” to over 90% of home buyers. They will either see the pictures when their agent sends them a listing from the MLS or they will find them online at any of the hundreds of real estate websites that buyers are using today.

Soooooo….they need to be better than good. They need to be great. They need to showcase your home. They need to give a buyer a reason to pick up the phone and make an appointment to see your house in living color.

What’s the Difference?

You tell us. Same house, different photos.

Which one would you be more attracted to when home shopping?

Listing photos count


Ready for your close up?

Here’s our list of things to do before your home is photographed

Outside checklist

  • All lawn equipment put away
  • Remove all toys, bicycles, garden tools, recycling and garbage bins
  • Patio furniture should be cleaned and staged
  • Grass mowed, landscaping freshened up

Kitchen Prep

  • Remove photos/magnets from the fridge
  • Remove small appliances from the counters
  • Clear the island
  • No visible food packages
  • Garbage can removed
  • Sink clear

General Tips

  • TVs off
  • Hide all signs of pets (bowls, beds, crates)
  • Beds neatly made
  • Fresh towels in bathrooms
  • Toilet lids down (PLEASE!!)
  • Personal products out of sight (toothbrush, medication, shampoo)
  • Open all curtains
  • Blinds open in horizontal position
  • All lights turned on, including under counter, over stove and spotlights
  • All fans turned on
  • All doors open except closet doors


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