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    Prepping to Sell Your New Orleans Home is Easier in 2021

    Everyone knows that it’s a hot real estate market out there. Low inventory, short marketing times, and a ton of buyers on the hunt mean that preparing to sell your New Orleans home is easier than it’s ever been. BUT, and that’s a big but, preparing is still just as important as it’s ever been.

    Buyers may have limited choices right now, but that doesn’t mean they won’t pass you by if your house is in poor condition.

    Where to spend money when preparing to sell your New Orleans home

    • Professional photos are a must, even in this market. Showing your home in the best light online remains the single most important thing to get people through the door. Those professional pics are what go out to all of the online real estate portals, to the other 7,000 agents in New Orleans, and to a multitude of social media outlets.
    • Staging is worthwhile if your vacant home has a unique or funky floorplan that makes it hard for people to imagine where their furniture will go or how a room can be used. A quick consultation with a stager for an occupied home can give you a plan to rearrange and make your space appear even bigger than it is. We recommend that if you do stage, get it done before the photographer shows up.
    • Cleaning is a no-brainer. Whether it’s warranted or not, buyers equate messy, cluttered, or dirty as an indicator of poor maintenance and no one wants to give that impression! Ask us if you need a recommendation for a cleaning service.
    • Freshening up the landscaping to add curb appeal is worth the money if it makes someone stop in front of your house and call that number on the sign.
    prepping to sell your new orleans home

    There are plenty of things you could spend money on when preparing to sell your New Orleans home. Some of them might make your house sell faster but won’t give you a dollar-for-dollar return on the investment. Consult with your agent before doing any of the following:

    • Major renovations
    • Installing new appliances (unless yours are broken)
    • Adding a pool

    Then there are the things you could spend money on that could backfire and turn off potential buyers:

    • Personal paint colors or wallpaper
    • Closing in a garage
    • Installing ultra-trendy fixtures and finishes

    While this list is a good starting place, it’s not intended to take the place of specific advice from your agent. Listen to them when deciding what to do or not do before hitting the market, because they are in and out of houses every day and can tell you what will give you the most bang for your buck.

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