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Raised Basement Homes :: New Orleans Architecture

Raised basement architecture in New Orleans

Raised Basement Homes in New Orleans

Are you new to New Orleans? If so, you might be a little confused when you hear the term raised basement used to describe an architectural style.

Let’s face it, with the water table as high as it is in the Crescent City, there’s not a chance that a true basement wouldn’t flood every time a summer thunderstorm rolls through and drops a couple of inches of rain.

So, when builders were developing neighborhoods in the early 20th century, they came up with a “basement” that’s the first floor of a home, usually for storage or parking. The true living space is on the second floor, accessed by a staircase leading to the front door (and porch, if it has one – most do).

The basement areas vary wildly from property to property, with some having been converted to living space over the years. Note: the city requires a minimum 7 foot ceiling height for all living spaces, so keep that in mind if you find a raised basement that you’d like to repurpose as additional square footage.

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