Ring Doorbells and Home Shopping Privacy

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    Ring Doorbells Are Your Signal to Keep Quiet

    Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a huge number of homeowners installing the Ring Doorbells. These doorbells record both audio and video of what’s happening on a porch, even if you don’t actually press the button to ring the bell. Motion detectors kick on and start recording as soon as you step foot within the radius.

    What does this have to do with home buying?

    Home buyers should be cognizant of privacy issues. Like it or not, you’re being recorded. This is not the time to start talking about your budget, your likes or dislikes, or anything else you wouldn’t want a seller be privy to. Imagine how weak your negotiating position would be if the homeowner has you on video saying “this is the perfect house, do whatever it takes to make sure our offer gets accepted”.

    A reminder

    Your conversations with your agent about any property should take place after you’ve left the home. Ring doorbells aren’t the only way that sellers have security monitoring in place, so a little caution is always in order.




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