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    Should Emotion Be A Part of Selling Your New Orleans Home?

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    Our homes are a big box containing our memories. The oak tree in the backyard that the kids used to climb. The chandelier that came from MawMaw’s house. The paint colors that you agonized over choosing. That scratch in the floor from the dog freaking out during a thunderstorm that you’ve been meaning to fix.

    We can all look around our homes and find memories jumping out at us from every nook and cranny.

    But do those memories have any place when you decide to sell?

    You might not want to hear it, but the answer is no.

    Take the emotion out of selling your New Orleans home

    Your memories don’t add any value to your property, no matter how much they mean to you. Buyers don’t care that it took you 3 weeks of sanding and standing on a ladder to repaint the kitchen cabinets. They don’t care that you spent several weekends installing that paved patio or building a deck with your own two hands. Well, it’s not that they don’t care, it’s just that those things don’t factor into whether or not they will make an offer on a home.

    When it’s time for someone new to make their own memories in your old space, you’ll need to separate your emotions from the task of getting the house sold. Prepare, price it right and move on to create more memories in your next place.


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