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Should You Consider Sight Unseen Offers on Your Home?

should you consider sight unseen offers on your New Orleans home?

While travel is still not at the top of anyone’s to-do list, we’re hearing from more and more people relocating to New Orleans. The biggest concern is, of course, choosing a home without having seen it in person. And it’s not just buyers that have a concern. Sellers are rightfully wary of sight unseen offers, fearing that the deal will fall apart later on.

Should you accept a sight unseen offer?

Like with everything else in real estate, it depends.

  • Do you have great photos, a floor plan, and a video tour of your home online?
  • Has the buyer’s agent done some sort of virtual showing to their clients?

These are the marketing systems that can make a buyer feel better about their long-distance choice – and make you, the seller, feel more comfortable that the buyers know what they are getting.

What can go wrong?

  • The buyer loves the online version of the house but doesn’t love the neighborhood when they get there, so they cancel and you’re back on the market.
  • The buyer never saw that water stain on the ceiling, or the stains on the carpet, or the wear and tear that never shows up in photos, so they cancel and you’re back on the market.
  • The buyer is throwing out offers, taking you off of the market through the inspection period, only to arrive in town and say “nah”. Again, you’re back on the market.

Our advice

If you’re in a price range that’s getting a ton of attention from buyers right now, then you may end up in a mulmultiple offer situation. If that’s the case, you have options, including passing over a sight unseen offer.

If you’re in a range that’s taking a little longer to sell, it’s a conversation to have with your agent, because every home (and situation) is unique.

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