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new orleans home buying

New Orleans Home Buying

Deciding to buy a New Orleans home is exciting. You get to explore neighborhoods. You get to decide what’s a nice to have vs what’s a must have. You get to dream and plan and mentally decorate the space of your dreams. Like I said….exciting!

So, it’s not surprising that on occasion buyers get a little overzealous about seeing a house RIGHT. NOW. It’s also not unusual for buyers to find that their need to see that house RIGHT. NOW. has been declined.

Why would someone decline your immediate showing request?

There are a lot of reasons, but here are some that come mind right away.

  • It’s tenant occupied and requires at least 24 hours notice to show
  • The owner has an odd work schedule and maybe sleeps during the day
  • Repairs¬†are being made and the owners don’t want the liability of people walking through construction
  • The seller requires the listing agent to be present for all showings and your request doesn’t fit their schedule
  • The seller needs to prep for showings by taking the kids and pets out
  • The seller has out of town visitors and isn’t allowing any showings while they have company
  • The house is on a parade route and the floats are getting lined up
  • The property is near a large festival and parking is just about impossible

You get the picture, right?

Plan ahead

Your agent is probably sending you new listings every day. If your home shopping time is limited to Saturday afternoons, let your agent know what houses you want to see as soon as you identify them so we have time to schedule everything you want to see.

Believe me, if it’s a case of “you need to drop everything and come see this house RIGHT. NOW.”, we’ll be the first to let you know.





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