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    Translating Feedback on Your Home

    translating feedback on your home

    Home Selling Feedback

    When you’re in the midst of home selling, feedback from potential buyers can be a valuable tool. Or not, depending on whether the feedback addresses an issue with the house or with the buyers.

    Agents request feedback from other agents that have showed your home. We want to know what they thought and perhaps get a little insight into whether or not an offer will be forthcoming. Some of our peers give excellent feedback. Others consider it “not their job” to help a seller find pain points when they are representing the buyer.

    Useful feedback

    If the feedback from buyers/agents has a pattern, then we know it’s useful.

    • If everyone says the price is too high, well….the price is likely too high. Take a look at more current comparable sales to determine if they are right.
    • Agents fall back on “the house doesn’t show well” as a catch all phrase. What does this even mean? It’s agents speak to gently say that a house needs cleaning or has an odor that buyers find disagreeable.
    • Personal decorating choices often generate feedback. If it’s positive, kudos to you for your excellent taste. If it’s negative, listen to the critiques about flooring, paint colors, and lighting and consider making some small changes that could have a big impact.
    • Too much work. We get this all of the time on homes that haven’t been updated or maintained as well as others. If buyers are finding other homes in your price range that are in better condition, it’s time to have that pricing talk again.

    Useless feedback

    • Too small/too big. It’s useless because we can’t change the size and it will be just right for another buyer.
    • Don’t like the neighborhood. Just like size, we can’t change the neighborhood or location of your home. Brush this one off and move on.
    • It’s more than the buyers want to spend. This is particularly useless feedback, since the buyer’s budget has nothing to do with the value of your home. Yes, it’s frustrating to prepare for showings only to find that the buyer can’t afford your home, but it happens. Talk smack about the agent out there showing houses outside of a buyer’s budget and then let it go.

    No feedback is feedback

    If an agent or a buyer has nothing to say about your home or chooses not to share any feedback, that’s your feedback. If the house was on their radar, you would hear something. Anything. Radio silence simply means they are not interested.


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