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What Documents to Keep After Act of Sale

what documents to keep after your act of sale

What documents to keep after your act of sale

Like buying a house isn’t stressful enough, when you leave the act of sale, you’ll have a folder full of documents that you’ve signed. More of them will arrive in the mail after your mortgage gets recorded with the Parish. And then there’s all of the information from your lender, your agent, and your appraiser. But what documents do you need to keep after your act of sale?

Whether you store them digitally (which we highly recommend) or in paper form, there are some pieces of information that you’re going to want to hang on to.

Keep this

  • Cash sale – even if you have a mortgage, you’ll get a copy of the Cash Sale, which shows the transfer of the property from the previous owner to you
  • Closing disclosure – you’ll need this to have some of your utilities turned on
  • Survey
  • Inspection report
  • Appraisal – really important!! When it comes time to sell, your agent will ask you for this because it’s got all kinds of relevant information like square footage, flood zone, and a general floor plan of your home
  • Any receipts for repairs
  • Warranty information
  • Termite contract information
  • Security system information

Maybe keep this

  • Mortgage documents (your lender will keep these on file AND they are filed as public record at the courthouse)
  • Loan application (the lender holds this as well, so there’s really no need to hang on to it)

Need a place to store them all?

We’re happy to scan them and send them to you after your closing. Just ask!






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