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    What’s A Counter Offer?

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    New Orleans Real Estate FAQs: What’s a counter offer?

    A counter offer (aka counter) is a response to an offer to buy or sell real estate that changes the terms of the original offer.

    For example, if a buyer offers a seller $300,000 for their home and the seller responds that they are willing to accept a price of $325,000, the seller has created a counter offer.

    Is there a limit on the number of counter offers I can write?

    No, there’s not. Counters are a normal part of negotiating the sale of real estate.

    Can I only counter on price?

    No. All terms of the contract are negotiable, including act of sale date, inspection periods, deposits and what type of financing the home owner is willing to accept.

    Do I have to accept a counter?

    No. If buyer and seller cannot agree on terms, either party can reject a counter offer and negotiations will end.





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