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    When A Discount Doesn’t Save You Money

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    Recently, we had a buyer who decided to purchase a new construction home.

    “Fantastic” their agent said. “Let’s go visit the builder together.”

    Except it wasn’t so fantastic, because the builder was offering the buyer a better deal on the house if they didn’t have an agent to represent them.

    Sounds like a good deal, right? Who wouldn’t want to get a better price for dealing directly with the builder?

    If you are an experienced home buyer and negotiator, it possibly could work for you.

    But, if you’ve not bought or sold a home in the last few years, who is watching out for you?

    I guarantee, it’s not the person sitting in the sales office, who is hired to represent the builder and no one else. I won’t even say they are an agent, because most of them are not licensed REALTORS® and have no obligation to represent your best interests, work to get you the best price and terms available and guide you through the construction and inspection process.

    What kind of advice are these sales agents giving when they are representing the builder, not the buyer? They aren’t.

    They are giving you choices with set price tags attached and most certainly won’t remind you that a punch list of things to finish or repair that you create from a walk through is not the same thing as a thorough professional home inspection before you close.

    An experienced agent can also help you negotiate upgrades and changes while saving money on them, so if your builder is offering to cut out your agent, think about their reasoning for doing so before agreeing to go it alone.

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