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    Will that Unique Home You Love be Hard to Sell?

    tiny house next to big house

    Think about resale before buying that unique home

    New Orleans is filled with some beautiful architecture. We’re all familiar with the traditional floor plans, but what if the house you fall in love with is….shall we say, unique.

    Maybe the floor plan is a bit odd.

    Maybe the finishes aren’t appealing to a wide variety of buyers.

    Maybe it’s a little brick ranch in a sea of shotguns.

    Maybe the location makes that particular house the best for miles around.

    What’s unique to you might be consider weird or obsolete by another buyer

    Everyone should buy a place they love. But if what you love isn’t as mainstream as other properties, it can be a challenge to get it sold when you’re ready to move on or move up.

    If your plans include a stepping stone house, consider how hard it may be to sell a few years down the road before committing to that unique home.



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