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Zillow and New Orleans Real Estate

Zillow and New Orleans Home Values

Are you using Zillow to search for a New Orleans home for sale?


Are you using Zillow to determine pricing in your New Orleans neighborhood?


Zillow itself will tell you that their accuracy is ranked a 1 on a scale of 1-5 (with one being the lowest score). Surprise, surprise, Louisiana has accuracy score of 1. If it could assign a score of zero, it would be more accurate, since they don’t have access to public records to determine how far off their estimate of New Orleans home values might be.

Zillow accuracy data for Louisiana


Even their CEO doesn’t get it right

The CEO of Zillow sold his Seattle home earlier this year. You can imagine the snickering from the real estate industry when it sold for over a half million dollars less than his own company’s website estimated.

If they can’t get this one right, what makes you think they know the ins and outs of New Orleans real estate?

zillow and new orleans real estate values


How to find New Orleans homes for sale

National search portals are great, if you’re searching nationally. But you are not. You’re searching locally. And using a local website that gets the data directly from the MLS is the only way to ensure you are not missing out on the latest listings.


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